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The dot2 3D is the free, powerful, easy to use 3D real-time visualiser and pre-programming suite for the dot2 system, featuring a full library of conventional and moving lights.

dot2 3D allows a straightforward design and set-up of any custom stage layout with its 2D drawing facilities and a library of basic graphical elements. Textures to design these elements’ surfaces can be chosen from the huge built-in library, or you may import your own graphic files and use them as textures. Bi-directional fixture selection and positional information within an accurate 3D drawing can be used to create positional and group presets in the dot2 console. Another advantage is that the 3D environment is stored in the same showfile in the dot2 system. No matter where the user is and which type of dot2 console he is using – he always has a complete showfile with him! The dot2 3D application runs on Windows® 7 or later and communicates with the console via network.

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