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The dot2 B-wing offers modular playback expansion to any of the dot2 consoles.

The dot2 system supports a total of two dot2 F-wings and two dot2 B-wings per dot2 core console. Built-in wings on an dot2 XL console are also counted, therefore a maximum of 6 internal touch screens are possible. The wings are connected Plug & Play via Ethernet and can be assigned to the correct fader or button location within the console in seconds. Normal network rules apply allowing wings to be placed remotely.

The dot2 B-wing provides additional 48 playback button and an integrated touch screen for any dot2 console or dot2 onPC.

Physical specs
Dimensions 427 x 263 x 161mm / 16.8 x 10.4 x 6.4inch
Input connectors 1 x etherCON (dot2-Net), 1 x IEC 60320 C13/C14 (IEC cord)
Net weight 3.3kg / 7.3lbs
Operating voltage/ Supply voltage 120/230V, 50/60Hz (automatic detection)
Power 40VA

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