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The free of charge dot2 onPC software is the full virtual dot2 software that runs on a Windows® 7 or later PC. It can be used for off-line editing or as part of a back-up strategy. Additionally the dot2 onPC offers free to use 512 DMX channels since software version

The dot2 onPC software incorporates all functions of a dot2 console and provides its full potential on a PC. It works as an off-line tool for preprograming with the free of charge dot2 3D visualisation software, or as an online tool in connection with a real console as a full-tracking backup. With the SW version MA added free to use 512 DMX channels that can be outputted via sACN or Art-Net as the first DMX universe. Additionally the dot2 onPC software can output up to 1,024 channels of DMX across any of the 8 DMX universes when connected to a dot2 Node4 (1K).

120222 dot2 B-wing
120221 dot2 F-wing
130215 dot2 Node4 (1K)

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